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Fish Basket, Great Fool - Barracuda Club

Fish Basket, Great Fool – Barracuda Club

FISH BASKET is a polish band that draws from many different genres and likes to play with musical styles. Fish Basket’s debut album was released on December 5, 2019. In the fall of 2022, the single “Imaginarium” was released, which is an announcement of the upcoming second album. The band actively performs, supporting, among others, Stoned Jesus or Tides From Nebula.

Fish Basket – Imaginarium https://youtu.be/xDeKAnJPzKI?si=Z0z3FbjNogTqAF6b


GREAT FOOL We’re the kind of band that gets into a car accident and write a song about it. We are not total mad about the world but we tend to live life on a constant fight. We live for Rock n Roll and we will die over it. We are Great Fool, see you soon!

Great Fool – Creepy Place https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j61ZzxrGpQs

https://www.facebook.com/greatfooltheband https://www.instagram.com/greatfooltheband/


Tickets 6€ available at the door

Fish Basket, Great Fool – Barracuda Club


22 Set 2023


Barracuda - Clube de Roque


Barracuda - Clube de Roque
R. da Madeira 186, 4000-433 Porto
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