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23º Aniversário Fun Tattoo

23º Aniversário Fun Tattoo

23º Aniversário Fun Tatoos – Lola (au) & Leo The Painter – Alternadores de discos: Chaputa CEOs & José Magalhães | Sex 14 Jul 22h | Bil: 5 paus

Dia 14 de Julho, além de Lola, Leo the Painter, e os alternadores de discos Themoteo Suspiro, Esgar e José Magalhães contamos com a presença da malta da Fun Tattoo que vão celebrar o 23o aniversário do estúdio aqui no Barracuda. Podem visitar o estúdio durante a tarde para dar início às festividades, e siga para o baile.

Lola (au) “As unapologetically rock ‘n roll as the boys themselves, LOLA premiere their debut single Tease Me as an ultimate head banging crowd anthem. Without a drop of angst or fear, the four boys jump headfirst into a world of rock and guitar riffs, birthing Tease Me for their loyal Adelaide fans and beyond. The group was pieced together from other established bands and projects in Adelaide and were intensely magnetised with each other’s energy and captivating rock charisma. Tease Me was created to encase a time of carefree cold beers and youthful spirit. The defiantly sharp drums and shredded guitar riff instantly transport you to a crowded mosh pit, jumping electrically off a sticky floor, chanting back the lyrics to the infectious group.” – Happy Mag https://www.facebook.com/lola.aus https://www.youtube.com/@lola__oz

Leo The Painter https://www.facebook.com/leo.thepainter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrWEv_nwqfQ

Alternadores de discos: Chaputa CEOs ( Themoteo Suspirio & Esgar Acelerado) & José Magalhães


23º Aniversário Fun Tattoo


14 Jul 2023


Barracuda - Clube de Roque


Barracuda - Clube de Roque
R. da Madeira 186, 4000-433 Porto
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