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Yellow-Stripe Recordings @ Gare

Yellow-Stripe Recordings @ Gare

Yellow Stripe Recordings Label Night
Friday, 16th December
Gare, Porto
Yellow Stripe is back at it! Another edition of our notorious label nights is happening at Gare Porto, on Friday December 16th, and for this holiday season event we’ve invited two international guests from the YSR artist roster.
From Germany, veteran uber-producer and lord of heavyweight soundscapes, Current Value. To make this appearance something really special we’ve asked CV for a special set featuring his older unique and epic tracks, such as ‘Dark Rain’, ‘Grey Steel’, ‘Techno Is’, ‘Tunnel Vision’, ‘Therapist’, ‘RM Bleeps’, or ‘Symptomless Coma’, make sure to be present and witness dark and hard Drum & Bass history being retold!
And from the UK, after a streak of releases on labels like Barcode and Heresy, and as the most recent addition to our catalog, Visceral will be making his first appearance on portuguese land. Presenting his Lost Tapes EP for YSR, filled his trademark hard and cinematic Drum & Bass infused with Hardcore sounds, expect to hear plenty of different subgenres represented during this debut set.
The Yellow Stripe militia will of course be present in full force, with crew members Blast, BSA, C-Netik, Fragz and T-Rex playing their stomping Portostep and other favorite styles in B2B and solo formats, and latest core crew member Crawler joins the lineup, presenting his upcoming The Calling EP, releasing in January 2023.
We’ve put together some special bundles for this event that include tickets to the event and vinyl + digital downloads for some of our releases, including Visceral’s Lost Tapes EP for Yellow Stripe Recordings.
Check the links for more info and presales!
Friday, 16th December // Sexta 16 Dezembro
✡Yellow-Stripe Recordings Label Night @ Gare ✡
✪ Current Value (Ger)
Special Hard Era Set
✪ Visceral (uk)
Presents “Lost Tapes Ep”
✫Fragz vs Blast
4 Deck Set
✫C-Netik vs BSA
Presents “The Calling Ep”
Tickets :
Colectable Ticket : 10 EUR
(Rua Sá da Bandeira, Porto)
-Early Bird Ticket : 9 EUR ( Limited Edition)
-Pre-Sale Ticket : 10 EUR
-Day of the show : 12 EUR
Bundle 1* : 15 EUR ( Limited )
Bundle 2** : 20 EUR ( Limited )
*Bundle 1 : 15 EUR
( Ticket + Vinyl + Digital Download )
1 x Vinyl – Current Value – Tremor / Maintainer ( HANDSIGNED )
Digital Download :
Visceral – The Lost Tape EP
Current Value – Tremor / Maintainer
Current Value – Neuronord / Serial Fracture
**Bundle 2 : 20 EUR
( Ticket + 3 x Vinyl + Digital Download )
Vinyl :
1 x Vinyl – Current Value – Tremor / Maintainer ( HANDSIGNED )
1 x Vinyl – Limewax – Lumpeth / Various Castrations
1 x Vinyl – Hallucinator – New World Disorder Lp Sampler
Digital Download:
Visceral – The Lost Tape EP
Current Value – Tremor / Maintainer
Current Value – Neuronord / Serial Fracture
Limewax – Lumpeth / Various Castrations
More Information and related stuff at : www.yellow-stripe.com

Yellow-Stripe Recordings @ Gare


16 Dez 2022




Gare Porto
R. da Madeira 182, 4000-330 Porto
Credito habitacao
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