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SUWI (BL) Concerto Ferro Bar

SUWI (BL) | Concerto | Ferro Bar

18/11/22 | 22h | Ferro Bar

SUWI (W.E.R.F Records)

SUWI has an appealing sensitive energy and interesting dynamic flow. This trio pioneers simplicity with its lighthearted melodies sprawled across nonchalant grooves and triggers your visual imagination. Think of Connan Mockasin’s chillness and Jimi Hendrix’s fire in a haze of blue and pink. They have released two albums called SUMI (2020) and French withSimona (2021). Their third album is due in 2023. In the meanwhile, catch them on tour in Belgium and Portugal (fall 2022).

Tickets: 5£

SUWI (BL) | Concerto | Ferro Bar


18 Nov 2022




Ferro Bar
R. da Madeira 84, 4000-427 Porto
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