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SMASHED MEMORY | Torrinha artist residence exhibition

SMASHED MEMORY | Torrinha artist residence exhibition

The Smashed Memory exhibition summarizes three months of artistic exploration by four international artists: Maria Constanza Ferreira, David Loftus, JNK ENZO, and Michaela Šindlerová; who participated in the Torrinha artist residence in Porto. Consisting of multimedia works, paintings, photos, installations, video works, and performances The exhibition explores the idea of memories by providing discourse on who gets to tell the story of what is remembered. Showcasing rituals and stretching boundaries of what society puts the emphasis on the artists reclaim space with their personal stories and interpretations of reality. The exploration and deconstruction of colonial and patriarchal traditions are met with questions on the future of human marks in the face of the artificial intelligence era. Smashed memory combines flesh, mind, and technology revealing the deepest and darkest desires and fears of the modern world, providing frameworks for reimagining what’s known.

Maria Constanza Ferreira (NY)
David Loftus (UK)
Michaela Šindlerová (CZ)
Guest artist Teresa Bessa (PT)

18:00 Opening
21:00 JNK Enzo performance

Galeria Geraldes da Silva
R. de Santo Ildefonso 225, 4000-507 Porto

Torrinha artist residence is located in Torrinha street, Porto. The program of Torrinha emphasizes personal exploration, professional development, connection, co-living, and collaboration with local artists and spaces. The residence invites artists from all fields of practice and career stages, with an emphasis on highly motivated early career artists.


24 - 28 Set 2022


18:00 - 22:00


Galeria Geraldes da Silva
R. de Santo Ildefonso 225, 4000-507 Porto
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