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Rustic Ceramic Dining

Rustic Ceramic Dining

Excited to announce the next Rustic Ceramic Dining event – one of the most unique experiences for the people who are looking for something authentic! 💙 We are going to work with dark stoneware local clay, that will bring us back to the primordial pleasure of getting our hands dirty and feeling the earth as it is, as we leave our cell phones and loop of thoughts behind, meet people from all around the world, share a glass of wine, inspiring conversations and a meal made by me, passionate chef and ceramic artist that is willing to share my favourite two things with other people! 🙏🌞 Your pieces will be fired and ready for picking up 10 days later. No experience required! Everyone is an artist and You will see that it´s true.😎 This experience will take place in a hidden gem of Gaia – 100 years old gym, transformed into a cultural assosiation @mafa_mood with a garden and giant avocado tree, cinema and canteen area, as well as our cozy up-cycled and neat @studioclaymood where I create my ceramics and share it with the world. (https://www.instagram.com/celia_lostrego/ you can check my personal work here !)

The price is 55€, and it includes: The clay, The high firing (1260 degrees Celsius!) in my ceramic kiln, Coffee and Tea, Wine and beer, Soup + main dish (selected after talking to each member about their diet specifics and preference) Dessert A tour around our huge and very unique space. 🥑🌳🪴🧡 To register please contact me via DM or +351936901133, or email [email protected] with your diet specifics and then we can proceed with the payment and other details! Até Já!

Rustic Ceramic Dining


20 Abr 2023




Mafa Mood
R. Telhado 265, Vila Nova de Gaia
Credito habitacao
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