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Pop dell'Arte @ Ferro Bar

Pop dell’Arte @ Ferro Bar

26/02/2022 | Sábado | Pop Dell´Arte | Ferro Bar
Bilhetes à porta : 8€
Pop Dell’Arte is a musical project created by João Peste in 1985. In the same year, they placed 2nd at Rock Rendez-vous Music Contest, winning not only the originality prize but the attention of critics and a legion of fans that followed them everywhere they played. “Il faut aimer les contradictions”, so it was said in one of his most iconic songs, Illogik Plastik, and this is exactly the transgressive spirit of the project, which combines the most disparate and contradictory musical influences with phonetic poems of Dada and futuristic inspiration, evocations of Warhol, Duchamp and Picabia, cinematographic references of Fassbinder’s work, Antonioni and Fellini. In 30 years of career,Pop Dell’Arte released more than a dozen records, including the albums Free Pop (1987), Ready-Made (1992), Sex Symbol(1995) and Contra Mundum (2010), and gave several historical concerts in Lisbon (Rock Rendez-vous, Aula Magna, Music Box, Ritz Club, Cinema Alvalade, Forum Roma) and also in O Porto (Teatro Rivoli, Aniki Bo-Bo, Cinema Passos Manuel) and elsewhere in the country (Aveiro, Coimbra, Évora, Viseu, Braga) and abroad (Barcelona, London, Vigo).
Pop Dell’Arte are: João Peste (vocals), Paulo Monteiro (guitars & samplers), Zé Pedro Moura (bass), Ricardo Martins (Drums).

Pop dell’Arte @ Ferro Bar


26 Fev 2022




Ferro Bar
R. da Madeira 84, 4000-427 Porto
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