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Morning Yoga at the Beach

Morning Yoga at the Beach

Join us for a transformative Healing Yoga practice by the beach, the perfect way to start your day with positive energy. Our 60-minute session encompasses mindfulness, breathwork, physical practice, and meditation, providing a holistic experience that nourishes both body and soul. Each session is thoughtfully designed with an introduction and a theme, making it a truly special and enriching experience. You’re in for a treat! After the yoga session, we’ll gather for a delightful brunch or a refreshing drink near the beach, giving us an opportunity to connect and get to know each other. Our unique yoga style combines traditional physical practice with a modern approach, incorporating elements of quantum science, Ayurveda, and the profound exploration of your chakras. It’s a conscious practice that guides you on a healing journey, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace the rest of your day with newfound vitality. Cris, our experienced yoga teacher, is a multifaceted expert in yoga, energy healing, breathwork facilitation, and Reiki mastery. With a fusion of knowledge from various disciplines, he offers an unparalleled and advanced approach that guarantees a truly extraordinary experience. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other. We can’t wait to meet you and share this transformative practice together. IMPORTANT Please remember to bring your own mat or towel. Additionally, we recommend bringing fresh water. As we’ll be enjoying the sunshine, don’t forget to bring a hat and sunglasses to shield yourself from the rays. If you prefer, applying sunblock is highly encouraged for your protection. Let’s prioritize your well-being while embracing the beauty of our practice in nature.

Morning Yoga at the Beach


20 Ago 2023




Yoga Beach Porto (Estúdio)
Av. Comendador Ferreira de Matos 401, 4450-124 Matosinhos, Room 412 · Matosinhos
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