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Microvolumes 4.22 Valeria Miracapillo & Albert Cirera Los Caballos de Dusseldorf

Microvolumes 4.22 | Valeria Miracapillo & Albert Cirera | Los Caballos de Dusseldorf

Microvolumes 4.22 Granular Bastards: Albert Cirera (saxofone) & Valeria Miracapillo (electrónica) Los Caballos de Dusseldorf (circuit bending) 25 Setembro | 18H | Sonoscopia Concerto com oferta de jantar: 6 euros Concert with free dinner: 6 euros


Granular Bastards presents TACIT GROUND

“Tacit” means that which is unspoken, which cannot be described – like the knowledge required to ride a bicycle. […] Thought emerges from the tacit ground. So if we are communicating at the tacit level, then maybe thought is changing. The tacit process is common. It is shared. D.B. David Bohm inspiring text on dialogue reveal the notion of a tacit knowledge defining our thoughts and actions. The nature of this improvised sessions for Cirera and Miracapillo lies in the unspoken. Here what is tacit emerges through sound. Raw, naked voices from the instrument’s skin. The saxophone activate vibrant objects in his body, granulation machines sample and output grains with the same rough mechanics. Dull transients, resonant metal cans, asynchronous periods and chaotic densities, nothing will smooth out the frictions of thought in its attempt to coherence.

https://soundcloud.com/ilgulliver/sets/tacit-ground-2nd-mix/s-PIW5C9dSCP1 recorded in June 2020, Copenhagen saxophone: Albert Cirera live electronics: Valeria Miracapillo mixing: Valeria Miracapillo mastering: Sam Nacht, Estudio Libres, Buenos Aires

Albert Cirera http://www.albertcirera.com/ With more than 30 recordings in the last 5 years, Albert Cirera is one of the most active and versatile saxophonists of the Iberian Peninsula, in the free jazz and avantgarde scene. He lived 10 years in Barcelona, where he grew up as a musician playing with Agustí Fernandez, Ramon Prats, Vasco Trilla, Jordina Millà and Massa Kamaguchi. Then 5 years in Lisbon, where it was consolidated as a creative and inventive musician, playing regularly with Joao Lencastre, Carlos Zingaro, Gabriel Ferrandini, Herânin Faustino and Abdul Moaimem. Then 2 years living in Copenhagen where he studied a Master at RMC and played with Kresten Osgood, Henrik Olsson, Hakon Berre, Aurelijus Užameckis. Among others he also played with Barry Guy, Andy Moor (the Ex), Joe Morris, Ernesto Rodrigues, Núria Andorrà, Nicolas Field, Florian Stoffner, Silvia Bologniesi, Hugo Antunes, Massa Kamaguchi, David Mengual, Paula Chocron, Don Malfon, Witold Olszak, Nuno Rebelo, Rafal Mazur, Ferran Fages.

Valeria Miracapillo https://www.soundcloud.com/canyf Composer from the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen, she has been greatly inspired by such an environment of mutual support and collaboration within the local experimental scene. Combining experience ranging from Film studies to Electronic Arts, she is now focused on building an interdisciplinary network to grow as an independent artist who realised the importance of community based practice. Beside composing for film and theatre she is involved in projects such as The Strangement Society directed by Miguel Crozzoli, Tacit Ground – improv duet with saxophonist Albert Cirera, a new collaboration with violinist Dimos Vryzas and her historical electronic duo named Canyf. She is currently working on Cognitive Failure, a piece for percussion and electronics recently performed at the Inter Arts Center of Malmö by Irene Bianco on percussion and data scientist Domenico Villani on live electronics.


LCDD (Los Caballos De Düsseldorf)

https://www.instagram.com/messko_doorag/ https://www.facebook.com/LCDDband https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF51BBE034F8EBBF2 http://lcdd.bandcamp.com/ https://blogolaf.blogspot.com/ http://www.olafladousse.com/

Microvolumes 4.22 | Valeria Miracapillo & Albert Cirera | Los Caballos de Dusseldorf


25 Set 2022




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