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MICHAEL MAYER - Industria Club

MICHAEL MAYER – Industria Club

Tuesday the 30th (before the 1/12 National Holiday), Industria Club will host the return of a special guest, Michael Mayer. From co-owning the Kompakt record label, to producing, remixing and DJ’ing non-stop for the past 20 years, it would probably be easier to list what Michael Mayer hasn’t done in this “scene”. Committed to pure creative freedom, the fact that he’s never fallen from the pinnacle he reached with legendary mixes like “Immer” is a testament to the truth that in art, high risk will bring you high reward. We’re thrilled to have him back and can’t wait to see you dance as we watch him throw predictability out the window, yet again…4


MICHAEL MAYER – Industria Club


30 Nov 2021




Industria Club
Av. do Brasil 843, 4150 154 Porto


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