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Made in Portugal (Porto Edition)

Made in Portugal (Porto Edition)

Please join us as we inaugurate the IPBN’s new “Made in Portugal” series where we will highlight the business success of Portuguese and/or Irish members in Portugal. The first edition of the new series will be held in Porto at ANJE, The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs on Thursday, April 20 from 10h to 11h30. To mark this exciting series launch, IPBN member and Chair of the IPBN Committee in Porto, John Paul Prior, General Manager of the iconic Dublin-based Musicmaker shop, will hold a panel conversation. In a recent IPBN Spotlight Series interview, John Paul detailed how Musicmaker set about differentiating itself from the competition, and it all starts with the staff’s passion, the shop’s history, and what it represents to the musician community in Dublin. As a recent transplant to Porto, he has shifted some of his acoustic guitar purchases away from China and begun supporting local Portuguese manufacturers in Braga. He said, “Musicmaker aim to replace products previously supplied from China with products made in Braga, Portugal.” The panel will include Founder & CEO re.store, Sílvia Correia. The re.store® brand has positioned itself as a brand that is friendly to both people and the planet. Silvia talk about re.store®’s role in the reduction of the ecological footprint of the textile industry as well as in the social integration of unique people within their differences. Luke Brennan, Founder & CEO of MyVolts Audio & Power innovations designed in Porto. MyVolts is a small Irish company, based in Dublin, focused on providing modern and innovative power solutions, shipped globally, for home, mobile, and professional devices, mainly for musicians and other mobile creatives. And Abilio Vilaca, Director of International Sales for APC Instrumentos Musicais Lda based in Braga.With over 50 employees, APC Musical Instruments is not only the largest Portuguese company in the industry, but one of the biggest in Europe, manufacturing for the whole world a wide range of instruments.Abilio will tell us more about the successful partnership they have developed recently with John Paul’s Musicmaker shop in Dublin. Join us for the launch of our new “Made in Portugal” series. Our goal with this new series is to highlight all the great success stories, innovative examples and evolution in Portuguese and Irish “boutique” businesses here in Portugal, in view of opening up new market opportunities.

Made in Portugal (Porto Edition) – ANJE – Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários


20 Abr 2023




ANJE - Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários
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