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M.A.D - Miradouro Ignez

M.A.D – Miradouro Ignez

We’re thrilled to present an incredible roster of DJs, including our special guest, James Dexter, alongside Bruno Neto, Rompante, and the exceptional local talent, Andy Caz. James has become a go-to name for high-quality and dynamic productions. Inermu has welcomed acclaimed artists such as Tuccillo, Mihai Popoviciu, Toman, ANOTR, Chris Stussy, LondonGround, Clive Henry, and many others. As Inermu approaches its eighth year, James Dexter continues to shine as a leading figure in the electronic music scene, with his unique Deep/Minimal Tech sound. With regular appearances at renowned venues like Fabric and Ministry Of Sound in the UK, as well as global destinations such as DC-10 in Ibiza and Fusion Festival in Romania, James has captivated dance floors around the world. You may have also caught him spinning his magic at S.A.S.H. events in Sydney, Australia. Andy Caz, a resident DJ at Lottus After Hours and a part of Home Made Sound records and Hypnosis Collective, will bring his infectious energy and killer mixes to the party. Bruno and Rompante need no presentation, part of the core of this team, they are M.A.D as hell like we already know. Tickets available on @shotgun.pt ( follow the link in the bio )

M.A.D – Miradouro Ignez


17 Jun 2023




Miradouro Ignez
Rua da Restauração 252, 4050-592 Porto
Credito habitacao
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