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M.A.D - Miradouro Ignez

M.A.D – Miradouro Ignez

M.A.D. @ Miradouro Ignez Right in the center of the city where M.A.D was born, with an indoor dance floor with natural light and a privileged view of the Douro River, the Miradouro Ignez will host the second event of M.A.D. With this, we count on your presence to relax on this magnificent terrace, or even go crazy and enjoy the atmosphere. This space is for EVERYONE. Tickets now available in our account bio. Special thanks to Sam and Brandostudio for joining us in this adventure.

M.A.D – Miradouro Ignez


11 Nov 2023


15:00 - 22:00


Miradouro Ignez
Rua da Restauração 252, 4050-592 Porto
SPIRITUS - Igreja dos Clérigos
Credito habitacao
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