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Help yourself into my Garden Exposição de Paulo Mariz

Help Yourself Into My Garden

Help yourself into my Garden
Exposição de Paulo Mariz
Armazém Fundo / Térmita

Largo de Mompilher 5 4050-392 Porto

“The planned Garden seems to have existed as long as written history, it is one of the oldest forms of art. In literature and mythology, it appears early as a conception of ideal, as a welling place for gods. (…) There have been gardens made to be alone, gardens to be together in, gardens to be alive and gardens to be death in. (…) The purpose of the garden is to be a spatial condition of community life: That is, to be a place witch provides the desire any man has to communicate with his fellow men, and with nature as an aesthetic phenomenon and as a manifestation of life.” Landscape as Art and Urbanism, Roberto Burle Marx

Comissariado: Miguel Seabra;
Montagem: Mi casa, sucata;
Texto: Hugo Miguel Santos;
Agradecimentos: Carlos Mensil, Campanice, Pedro Terror

Aberta para visitas de quarta a sábado, das 13h30 às 18h30.


10 Set 2022 - 01 Out 2022


13:30 - 18:30


Térmita - Armazém Fundo
Largo de Mompilher 5. 4050-392
Credito habitacao
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