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Extreme Metal Attack Anno XVII - 2022

Extreme Metal Attack Anno XVII – 2022

Hell no longer awaits!
We are back to carve your disgrace upon the underground metal altar of death.
Rejoice sisters and brothers of darkness because Extreme Metal Attack Festival will be back for two more merciless dates this year. Take notice for the 30th of September and the 1st of October.
After a lot consideration, we invite you all to be part of this old school feast only with one thing in mind. Bring your fire and your steel!
All reservations made for the 2020 edition are valid for 2022 but expect bill changes. Everything’s being re-organized due the world current situation but within time all info will be given.
Thanks for your endless support and patience.
Praise the horned and raise the flames!
October 1, 2022
– RAPTURE (GRE) | DeathThrash
September 30, 2022
– NECRO CHAOS (POR) | Death Metal

Extreme Metal Attack Anno XVII – 2022  – Rua Heroísmo no Porto


30 Set 2022




Rua Heroísmo no Porto
Rua Heroísmo no Porto


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