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Drink&Draw, in collaboration with “O.Estúdio” makes its long-awaited debut in Porto for a live drawing session intended for both pros and beginners. The event’s two hours are intended to awaken participants’ creative energy and make them out from their comfort zone and digital world, while they enjoy a few drinks.

O.Estúdio is a growing co-atelier for artists and creatives that opened in 2020. This studio, which has its headquarters in Bonfim, Porto, aims to promote and aid the artistic community there.
On December 10th, a number of works created by resident artists will be on display inside the atelier’s doors, where a setting will be created that encourages creativity, freedom, and the ability to draw freely and without restraints. To help with that, the session it will be accompanied by fine wine and kombucha.

TICKETS: 20€ – drawing material, model and 2 drinks included
* Sign up and get more info at www.drinkanddraw.pt *

IMPORTANT: THE SIGN UP in the www.drinkanddraw.pt and the payment is MANDATORY.


10 Dez 2022




Bonfim, Porto
SPIRITUS - Igreja dos Clérigos
Credito habitacao
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