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Dead Myth (Fr) + Slüg Ferro Bar

Dead Myth (Fr) + Slüg | Ferro Bar

24/04 | 21h30 | Ferro Bar

Concertos: DEAD MYTH (Fr) + SLÜG

Dead Myth is a French band. Based in Le Havre and Paris, the Norman trio draw inspiration between post punk and psych garage, then more recently is slightly moving forward Pop sounds. They shared the stage with L.A Witch, Then with Slift when they opened the music festival “Foul Weather”. Dead Myth is now supported by the French venue “Le Tetris” and released their first EP “#1” (22.05.20) on the Parisian Label Le Cèpe Records. The band put out their debut Album ‘’SHORES’’ on April 8th followed by a fortnight tour through European.

Para ouvir: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5VDBPLL_Fk&ab_channel=DEADMYTH




Bilhetes à porta: 6€

Dead Myth (Fr) + Slüg | Ferro Bar


24 Abr 2023




Ferro Bar
R. da Madeira 84, 4000-427 Porto
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