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De Paranhos para o Mundo #001 c/ Gezender (BR)

De Paranhos para o Mundo #001 c/ Gezender (BR)

De Paranhos para o Mundo #001 c/ Gezender (BR)
🎧 Gezender (BR) [Sangra Muta / Mamba Negra]
Gezender is the project from the São Paulo based artist Tiago Franco. Focusing in the acid and dark sounds of electronic music, Gezender naturally creates a path passing through techno, house and electro with fluidity and a repertoire not limited to one genre, but still remaining faithful to his characteristic vibe in his sets. His music has strong personality and is marked by influences from the beginning of electronic culture, mixed with a research based on contemporary music.
With energetic basslines and fluid pads, the relationship between contemplation and tension emerges in his sets, provoking a mix of feelings. With the capacity of adapting himself to a dance floor, without losing his identity, his performance on stage is praiseworthy. Gezender is also the head of the party “Sangra Muta”, supporting the local LBBTQI+ electronic scene and hosting artists of great relevance from the electronic underground community in São Paulo and other cities like Florianópolis and Rio de Janeiro. As well, he is part of the artist collective “Mamba Negra”.
Gezender has already played at some of the most important parties, venues, and festivals in Brazil and Europe, such as Time Warp (BR), Egg (UK), Pornceptual (GE), Panorama bar (GE), Whole Festival (GE), Mina (PT), Le Trans Musicales (FR), to name a few after 5 tours in Europe last years.
🎧 Mister Teaser [Slime]—warmup
Part-hairdresser & barber, part curator, all-DJ, Mister Teaser’s 20 years in the game have made him a master of mixing appropriate and delicious cocktails of Acid, House and Electro Music each night.
apoio—Yé Yé Rádio

De Paranhos para o Mundo #001 c/ Gezender (BR)


24 Ago 2023




Era uma vez no Porto
Rua das Carmelitas 162 - Porto
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