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Danzas Obsidiana wSteve Pepe (Live) Bogdan Orbita (DJ) - Passos Manuel

Danzas Obsidiana w/ Steve Pepe (Live) / Bogdan Orbita (DJ)

Segunda edição de 2022, com estreia de Steve Pepe (IT), formato concerto, e DJ set vindo do leste de Bogdan Orbita (RO)
Breves biografias não traduzidas
*Steve Pepe
A musician who has been a fixture of the underground scene of Rome since the mid-2000s. After debuting on Hivern Discs in 2018 with Danza Moderna, he recently released a double album on Macadam Mambo called 2020 and a third only digital for insideout recordings called “vivere in diagonale”. A new release “Arabia per delfina” is ready and it will be out on vinyl for “Radom Numbers records”
the 21 of march.
*Bogdan Orbita
Always on the lookout for the obscure and the harmoniously bizzarre, Bogdan Orbita has been sharpening his style in Bucharest underground for already a decade now. Mixing all the influences he had over the years, his sets are unpredictable and free flowing.

Danzas Obsidiana w/ Steve Pepe (Live) / Bogdan Orbita (DJ) – Passos Manuel


04 Mar 2022


Passos Manuel


Passos Manuel
Rua de Passos Manuel nº 137 (ao Coliseu), 4000-385 Porto
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