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Danzas Obsidiana w Bear Bones Lay Low Lamina Estades - Passos Manuel

Danzas Obsidiana w/ Bear Bones Lay Low / Lamina / Estades – Passos Manuel

Bear Bones Lay Low (Live)
Lamina (Live)
Estades (DJ)
Lançando o ano 2022, os convidados desta celebração, são figuras que partilham entre si, a nosso entender, o mesmo “artefacto” idiossincrático, que também por cá nos define: a inevitável e constante procura pela manifestação da pluralidade criativa, e respectiva exploração dos seus efeitos ressonantes, nos micro-cosmos culturais que lhes/nos circundam.
Breves biografias, não traduzidas:
* Estades
– Based in Madrid, Spain. Member of the REAL NO REAL collective and partially responsible for The Gathering for Listening mixes on the Unlocked Youth platform. Together with Vacas and Yief runs the sonic archive Freak Caravan streaming on Radio Relativa.
* Lamina
– is the alias of Clarice Calvo-pinsolle, a Villa Arson graduate and established sound sorceress out of French Basque country. With an artistic practice that marries the material to the ethereal, Lamina’s interest in time and memory has a direct incidence in the way that she approaches her installation work. The results are hypnotic sonic locales for elements to be molded and deformed literally and lyrically. An illusionist of perceptive fields animating the unseen.
Text by: Gabriela Gonzalez Rondon
* Bear Bones Lay Low
– For over a decade, this Venezuelan now long-time based in Belgium, has been creating psychedelic electronic sound by juxtaposing digital and analog sources. Using repetitive melodies and rhythms combined with dissonant sounds, BBLL wishes to induce a multilayered trance that allows solemn listening as well as ecstatic dancing in a mental space where the archaic meets the futuristic, where the earthly meets the cosmic. His live performances have attracted many music fans from different horizons, allowing him to play in varied contexts ranging from strictly experimental music festivals like Échos in the valleys of Le Saix, to open-minded night-clubs such as Salon des Amateurs in Düsseldorf or Contact Club in Tokyo and everything in between. As an active musician in Belgium’s experimental underground he has also been part of numerous free music outfits including the late Silvester Anfang/Sylvester Anfang II and is currently active with the electronic duo Tav Exotic amongst other projects. With releases on different labels such as Kraak, Ekster, Lullabies for Insomniacs and BAKK to mention only a few, his most recent material has been released on the Rush Hour affiliated No Label series.

Danzas Obsidiana w/ Bear Bones Lay Low / Lamina / Estades – Passos Manuel


28 Jan 2022


Passos Manuel


Passos Manuel
Rua de Passos Manuel nº 137 (ao Coliseu), 4000-385 Porto
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