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Concertos na piscina 35# - Mikel Vega & Joseba Agirrezabalaga

Concertos na piscina 35# – Mikel Vega & Joseba Agirrezabalaga

Mikel Vega is one of those people who has long been actively trying to stoke the fire of the contemporary scene in the ICU, and to which he has dedicated his entire life. Few people remain on the Bilbao scene with the tenacity and attitude and trajectory of Mikel Vega, deploying his work in different fields, but increasingly directed towards improvisation, an area he explored with his duo Killerkume who toured extensively in Europe. Vega has staged gigs with Brown Handia, a versatile DIY rock collective with one foot always set on the experimental. He has been a part of Loan, on bass and vocals, Killerkume (guitar and effects), and is the bassist for Conteiner. On the guitar he travels in numerous improvisational combos with people like Fernando Ulzión, Matías Riquelme, Itziar Markiegi, Garazi Gorostiaga, Ibonrg, Miguel A. García (xedh). His projects revolve around jazz, noise and metal, always produced with his signature sound, evident on the 2022 cassette “Powndak Improv”, his fabulous solo album released on the label Crystal Mine. On the other hand, there is Joseba Agirrezabalaga. I saw him live for the first time more than ten years ago, with the guitar slung over his shoulder, that he used to build a tangle of sharp and corrosive riffs and noise, in an eternal struggle with another guitar and a drum machine. Among all the elements brought together by his duo Fernalia, there were cracks for threads of melody, landscapes and atmospheres. Before he had been part of Autoa, also in the Urola Valley (Azpeitia, Azkoitia), around the Matadeixe / Matadero in Azkoitia, an essential place to understand the Basque underground. Years later, he began his solo career as Paezur, with the guitar either resting on his thighs or lying on a table surrounded by junk he used to continue that industrial sound, dark with frequent flashes. The way Joseba works and finds his sound, as well as how he creates in general, has a lot to do with his other artistic side, focused on drawing, collage and painting. http://www.urpaimusell.com/uim-007-joseba-agirrezabalaga-mikel-vega-lepok/ Contribuição – 5 a 10 euros. Quem quiser depois do concerto, há jantar (vegano) – 5 euros. Lotação limitada. Reserva aconselhada. Contribution – 5 to 10 euros. Anyone who wants to stay for dinner (vegen) – 5 euros. Limited seating. Reservation advised.

Concertos na piscina 35# – Mikel Vega & Joseba Agirrezabalaga


09 Abr 2023




R. Anselmo Braancamp, 324 - Porto
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