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Concerto Verveine

Concerto Verveine no Porto

Verveine is a music trio from Trièves, a valley in the French Alps.
The repertoire is steeped in South American songs, mixed with compositions in French and Spanish.
It is above all a question of investing in an unusual place and going on a journey with the public
through different universes, landscapes, intensities.
The trio is made up of Julie Chabert on accordion and vocals,
Manon Prevost on transverse flute, percussion and vocals,
and Cyril Beaugé on guitar and vocals.
This atypical formation leaves an important place to polyphony and various instrumental improvisations.
Let’s travel the time of an evening, a piece of the road together…


Concerto Verveine no Porto – Casa da Horta – associação cultural


06 Ago 2022




Casa da Horta
R. de São Francisco 12, 4050-253 Porto


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