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Chili Summer dia 2

Chili Summer dia 2

Chili Summer dia 2🌶️
🌶️🌶️workshop de movimento🌶️🌶️
This workshop intends to create an instant composition setting, where all participants are responsible for what happens in the space, whether we are moving or actively witnessing. As a facilitator, MMiguel will offer input to stimulate the body and group awareness and connection to the space we are immersed in. We will work with a range of tools, practices and techniques which will help develop intuitive decisions, composing the space and stay present. No prior improvisation or dance experience necessary. Seasoned improvisers welcome.
Jiôn Kiim
🌶️🌶️workshop performativo🌶️🌶️
As a Korean immigrant, I sometimes cook and eat kimchi not only to overcome my homesickness but also to share with my friends who love kimchi. Paradoxically, half of my kimchi recipe comes from a foreign cook and the other half from my mother whom I listened to on the phone when I was studying abroad.
Kimchi is a Korean fermented dish and one of its main ingredients is chili powder. Kimchi became red after the Portuguese brought chili peppers to East Asia.
In collaboration with sound artist Guy Fleisher, we will explore the kimchi preparation workshop, followed by a short lecture performance. The lecture will be based on research into the historical, social, and biological aspects of kimchi. Raw and edited field recordings of kimchi preparation will accompany the live performance/workshop.
*It is also suitable for vegans.
Instead of fish sauce, we will try fermentation with the ingredients mushrooms and kelp.
Sunday Ken Monday Tom
🌶️🌶️Live music🌶️🌶️
“Real Artist” statement:
“Don’t presume that we will play underground venues forever. We are aspiring professionals and are trying to take responsibility. We are looking for real money opportunities to further our artistic career and are therefore doing a genuine favour to the underground scene by performing for them. We are a musical project and we are making a genuine attempt to do something good. We don’t just sit around drinking and then banging a few pots and pans for people to passively accept. We have sacrificed everything for what we do so it’s perfectly acceptable to write a text like this that might upset some people.”
🌶️🌶️Kimchi da Jiôn🌶️🌶️
Entrada dia – 5🌶️
Workshops – 5🌶️
Pass geral – 25🌶️
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Chili Summer dia 2


12 Jun 2022


CCOP -Círculo Católico dos Operários do Porto


CCOP -Círculo Católico dos Operários do Porto
R. do Duque de Loulé 202, 4000-053 Porto


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