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Cacao circle - Espaço Compasso

Cacao circle – Espaço Compasso

Join us at the beautiful garden in Compasso to celebrate and explore movement, playfulness and connection! To harness the ancestral medicine of cacao in order to potentiate individual and collective growth.
This event is a safe container to open our hearts in playful dynamics without filters or masks and be met with non-judgement, loving presence, and empathetic resonance.
Where and when:
📍 Espaço Compasso – Rua da Torrinha 113, Porto
🕓 20th of February, from 3pm to 10pm
The program includes:
Our ceremonial cacao is 100% cacao paste of the highest quality made from heirloom strains native to South America (Bio, Raw and Fair Trade).
If you would like an introduction to its effects, think about a moment in your life when you felt that heart-warming and euphoric sensation that comes from experiencing something beautiful. A ceremonial dose of cacao (40g) is known to generate a similar bodily state thanks to its main active ingredient: theobromine.
Theobromine (from the Greek theos = god, and brōma = food) is a substance that belongs to the same family as caffeine. However, unlike coffee, which can give you an alert and jittery “buzz”, cacao is known to generate a heart-opening state, the experience of feeling deeply connected with life in an awe-inspiring moment.
Live Medicine Music with Intiche and Gingaí. Embody your divine nature on a journey back to your center! Move and flow with this energy in community, to witness, be witnessed, and to remind ourselves of the beauty that we are! Celebrate together, connect to your body’s knowledge and allow your inner child to be liberated!
Feel free to bring instruments if you’d like to join the musicians.
What’s it about?
☾ Just moving, deconstruction of ego around movement.
☾ Looking into each other’s eyes, feeling and respecting our boundaries and others’.
☾ Being fully present in the body, letting it express itself freely.
☾ Connecting to unprocessed emotions and moving with them.
About the facilitators:
(Argentina / Berlin)
Considered one of the pioneers of electronic organic music, Intiche‘s journey, he claims, started even before travelling from Argentina to Berlin for the first time in 1999. Indeed, the celebrated DJ and producer proclaims his “passion for music began some past lives before this one”. Nevertheless, it’s in the last twenty years of this life that the downtempo DJ and producer has made considerable impact.
From an acoustic starting point, Intiche’s compositions find inspiration in Pachamama and earthy frequencies. Using traditional instruments, native to Latin America, Intiche’s trance-like productions deftly traverse history, weaving links between ancient indigenous cultures and modern club culture. Intiche’s music intends to “touch the soul” as much as make people dance and, accordingly, you’re just as likely to find him playing at Berlin’s Berghain or Beate Uwe as at ceremonies, yoga festivals, healing gatherings and “Ecstatic Dances” around the world.
In his own words, “Music serves as a bridge to connect deeply to the source, with lots of playfulness through the magic of frequencies and vibrations.”
✦ ☾ ✹ GINGAÍ
Gingaí (Henrique Saias) is a DJ, producer, Ecstatic Dance facilitator, overtone singer and didgeridoo artist that explores Rhythm, Vibration and Breath in new and original ways. He is very grateful to return to Espaço Compasso, to revisit the beautiful garden that was his home in 2018-2019 and the birthing place of his digital journey into the world of organic downtempo.
He describes his creative alter-ego as “a soulful force that celebrates the identity and diversity of folklores and cultures, and cultivates the roots of ethnic music by exploring organic and groovy sonic textures from the 7 continents.”
His digital music with the refreshing presence of natural and elemental sounds, acoustic instruments and the anchoring touch of the human voice is a sound journey around the world and beyond it.
☾ The event is 100% kid-friendly, children below the age of 13 don’t pay.
☾ Unfortunately we are limited to 20 participants, so be sure to grab your spot early on!
☾ Food isn’t included in the ticket but there will be delicious vegan meals available for dinner and snacks.
☾ If at the date of the event you have flu-like symptoms or if you have been with someone who presented these symptoms, please take the responsibility to not join this event.
We are delighted you chose to join us for this co-creation of a free, ecstatic and loving life.

Cacao circle – Espaço Compasso


20 Fev 2022




Espaço Compasso
Rua da Torrinha 113, 4050-609 Porto
Credito habitacao
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