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Book Exchange - Flâneur

Book Exchange – Flâneur

Hey SPEAKers!
Do you feel that you always read the same kind of books and want to be surprised? Do you want to be free of mandatory readings but still want to talk about literature? Same here!
Bring your favorite book to Livraria Flaneur on the 22nd of April at 15:00 and let’s share our latest discoveries in one of the best bookshops in town!
You will discover the best book selection in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!
Please remember to bring :
– a book or a comic
– listening and caring attitude
– your imagination (a smile is always welcome too!)
Share Your Word!
Location: Livraria Flaneur, Rua de Fernandes Costa 88 4100-240 Porto
Close to Casa da Música
Date: 22/04/2023- 3 pm

Book Exchange – Flâneur


22 Abr 2023


15:00 - 17:00


R. de Fernandes Costa 88, 4100-240 Porto
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