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Antonov and Mr.Pitcho

Antonov and Mr.Pitcho

Antonov Since 2012, José Dias has presented his own project: Antonov. With this musical journey, he introduces us to influences from Disco, House, New Beat, EBM and Techno. In his DJ sets, Antonov transports us through percussion, vocals and bass lines. Mr. pitch Mr. Pitcho was born in Almada, Lisbon. From an early age, music was part of his life, both as inspiration for his bodyboard sessions and for the moments of relaxation that followed. With the appearance of the “Rave” scene, their sounds changed, and electronica was installed, never to leave. The “beats” are an integral part of his life and come out of his body in the most varied ways; intense, melodic, happy or even stronger, what moves him is the music, the good music, without labels or contraindications.

Antonov and Mr.Pitcho


27 Mai 2023




Era uma vez no Porto
Rua das Carmelitas 162 - Porto
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