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(AFTER) PARTY All Tomorrow Parties with KISMIF

(AFTER) PARTY All Tomorrow Parties with KISMIF

*18h00 – 22h30 – (AFTER) PARTY All Tomorrow Parties with KISMIF
Clubbing: A Boy Named Sue and Victor Torpedo.
Ferro Bar, Porto.
Music is freedom, utopia and communion. And this is also KISMIF. That’s why we closed the 2021 edition with an after-party at Ferro Bar. As Greil Marcus said, what remains irreducible in punk music is the desire to change the world. It is an obvious and simple desire, but it has an inscribed history that is infinitely more complex – as complex as the game of reciprocities that constitute the daily gestures and organize the way the world has operated. This desire arises with the demand to live life not as an object but as a subject of history – to live as if, in fact, something depended on the actions of each one – and that requirement could only lead to a path of freedom. Today, so many years later, the shock of punk is that every good punk record can still sound like the greatest thing you’ve ever heard. (…) the power in these bits of plastic, the tension between the desire that fuels them and the fatalism waiting to block each beat, the laughter and surprise in the voices, the confidence of the music, all these things are shocking now because, in its two or three minutes, each is absolute. You can’t place one record above the other, not while you’re listening; each one is the end of the world, the creation of the world, complete in itself. Every good punk record made in London in 1976 or 1977 can convince you that it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever heard because it can convince you that you never have to hear anything else as long as you live—each record seems to say everything there is to say. For as long as the sound lasts, no other sound, not even a memory of any other music, can penetrate. And here we are, celebrating it togheter.


10 Jul 2021


18:00 - 22:30


Ferro Bar
R. da Madeira 84, 4000-427 Porto
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