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M.O.V.E . Ecstatic Dance _ PORTO _ Moving Organically your Vital Energy

M.O.V.E . Ecstatic Dance _ PORTO _ Moving Organically your Vital Energy

M.O.V.E is the acronym for Moving Organically your Vital Energy. It is a body practice developed by Marise Cardoso, nourished by ancestral and experimental lineages such as Moving Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Gaga Dance, Trance Dance, Glorious Body, among others.

In two hours, this intimate guided session combines dance, great music and sound healing and is a powerful antidote to the stress of contemporary life.

M.O.V.E will increase your vitality, releasing tension, activating muscles and offering support to the rich journey of opening the windows of human perception through the body.

Everyone is welcome, as M.O.V.E is an inclusive practice designed for non-dancers and love-dancers. We will be cultivating deep awareness with our body, specifically our dancing body.

The conduction of the journey by Marise Cardoso a.k.a. @djiiva, alma mater of Ser Super Sonico project, experienced 20 years DJ around th globe, yoga & meditation teacher. It is based on a careful musical selection that provides a ‘journey’ in the timeline, alternating softness, poetry, rhythms of the world, grooves and moments of catharsis to gradually returning to calm. At the end, a Sound Bath is offered to integrate, tune and energize vibrations of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Come with comfortable clothes, bring your bottle of water, and your best smile.

Come with your curiosity, leave inspired and energised

Exchange: 15 to 25 euros Bookings via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/move-ecstatic-dance-porto-moving-organically-your-vital-energy-tickets-794398927577


More info: http://www.sersupersonico.com/ecstaticdance

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ESPAÇO COMPASSO Rua da Torrinha, 113, Cedofeita, PORTO


M.O.V.E . Ecstatic Dance _ PORTO _ Moving Organically your Vital Energy


18 Fev 2024




Espaço Compasso
Rua da Torrinha 113, 4050-609 Porto
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